Royal Chocolate Balls Recipe Special Ramzan Sweet Dish

A special Ramadan dish is ready for you.I invented this dish yesterday and myself made it its simply amazing so rapid and so yummy. I have given this dish my own name ROYAL CHOCOLATE BALLS as these balls look very yummy and royal.
1. Dates
2. Biscuit
3. Cake (packet cake)
4. Chocolate
5. Almonds
6. Milk
How To Make Royal Chocolate Balls?
First of all crush 3 dates with the help of spoon or mortar and pestle. Break 4 biscuits and 1 small packet cake and
Royal Chocolate Balls Recipe

Royal Chocolate Balls

make their powdered mixture. Add the dates crush and the mixture of biscuits and cake altogether in a bowl. Now make a dough with the help of milk.

Start making your balls and remember milk should be in least amount almost one table spoon.
Put one almond inside each ball as a treasure hidden inside your balls.
Now melt your chocolate with some water.. I hope that four small cubes of chocolate will be enough….Add some cut nuts in chocolate.
Now just dip the balls in the chocolate and put them in one plate…
Now wrap your balls with sheet if available and freeze them till chocolate gets intacted with balls.
Color of Royal Chocolate Balls:
The color of balls will be brown but after dipping in chocolate it will get dark brown.
Try to use GALA and SOOPER biscuit. Dairy milk as chocolate and any easily available packet cake. In addition you can add bounties or some colorful sweets for garnishing .
Make your balls and share your experience in the comments below and keep visiting our website for fast and delicious cooking recipes.

Royal Chocolate Balls


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