Pakistani Mangoes : The Charm of Summer


Mangoes are most used and sweetest fruit of Pakistan and summer never get its charm until we get the taste of mangoes.

Summer in Pakistan is always get severe in the month of June and July, in these hot weather people love to have fresh juices to get themselves fresh in sever hotness. But, here is one thing more, in all the fruits the mangoes and most used fruit in summer as this is a seasonal fruit, so every person seems to buy mangoes in the fruit’s market. Everyone uses it on daily routine despite this fact that mangoes are hot fruits and have too much calories in them. The reason of this love is sweetness and special tastes of Pakistani Mangoes. Sindhri and Chaunsa are one of the most loved and used type of mangoes, therefore the market of this fruit is increasing day by day.

Well, I am Sindhri mangoes lover and the hotness of the June and July proved to be a blessing for me and all Sindhri mangoes lovers. In these days we are having a blessed month, which is Ramadan Mubarak and the weather is also too much hot, mangoes are available and ready to be used. We can use these mangoes in the milkshakes, which are mostly used as dessert in the summer and adding milk n it make the taste of mangoes more delicious. Kids mostly demand the mango milkshake and ice cream as these are most favorite dishes of them. Pakistani mangoes are perfect choice for fruit chaat where we seem little confuse about to increase the sweetness of chaat, mangoes will do this for you. You can use these mangoes for Fresh juice, pudding, desserts and fruit chaat, if you are not going to make anything from these dishes, enjoy the mangoes in eating.

The most important reason of Pakistani mangoes popularity is its sweet taste and a beautiful golden color. These mangoes have a lavish size with a sweet taste, but its sugar taste is not horribly sweet. Unlike the other mangoes which have large sugar counterparts, Pakistani mangoes have a normal sweet taste which helps us to have more than one mango at a time.


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