How Many Times A Couple May Perform Marital Duties In A Week

How many times a couple may perform marital duties in a week to be happy??? Scientists made surprising disclosure in a new research. 


It is normally believed that for a pleasant marital life a couple should perform marital duties as many times as they can. But in a recent research scientists found that the reality is totally different from the previous believe. Because it is enough for a couple to perform marital duties once in a week.

According to ” The Independent Newspaper “ this research is performed by the scientists of the university of Toronto. In this research a combined analysis was done on two different researches performed on thousands of people. This research is printed in a scientific journal known as ” Social Psychological and Personality Science “. 

Scientist Emi Mois said that it is obvious that the fulfillment of duties is important to make marital life a pleasant one. But the impression that there is a need of many times in a week to perform marital duties.

Scientists said that it is clear from the results of the research that the couples who perform marital duties once in a week. They live a pleasant life.

However it does not mean that more than once in a week has any negative impact. Couples who perform more than once in a week may carry on this as long as they can.


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