Gul panra

Leading Politician of ANP Fall In Love With Coke Studio Famed Gul Panra

A leading politician of ANP falls in love with Gul Panra. He gifted her a beautiful home which worth is 2.5 crore. 


According to the sources a provincial politician of ANP gifted a beautiful bunglow in Peshawar cantt colony. This love story started in the last ANP government tenure in a cultural show. This culture show held in Nishtar hall under the cultural department of province.

Provincial politician was invited in cultural show as chief of the guest. They met at the end of ceremony and from then the politician fall in love with her. The sources disclosed that the politician gave a well furnished home to Gul panra in her love which have the worth of 2.5 crore rupees.

Gul Panra, is a Pashto singer from Pakistan. Gul Panra has sung for more than 20 Pashto films and has released three studio albums. She also has a master’s degree in social work from University of Peshawar. She is also famous after sung in Coke Studio in 2015 among the boys in Pakistan because she is looking Smart, Innocent with stylish body look.


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