Iftari Food Items That Complete Your Table Have A Look

Iftari Food Items.This year, Ramzan is in summers. After keeping fast for 17 hours, one needs a yummy iftari. Some dishes are part of every iftar table. Here we have list of Food items that complete your Iftari Table.


Have a look on items.

Iftari Food Items

Khajoor :

Its sunnah to open up your fast with Khajoor. So every Iftar table have Khajoors.

Khajoor in iftari

Rooh Afza:

Rooh Afza refreshes you after a long fast.

Rooh Afza in Iftari


Pakora is a desi snack in every iftar party.

Pakora in Iftari table


Dahi Bhalay:

Dahi Bhalay is a spicy dish that adds to your taste.

Dahi Bhallay in iftari


Fruit Chaat:

Fruit Chaat cools your mouth with juicy fruits.

Fruit Chaat in iftari


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