A Groom Divorces Wife After Only Two Hours Of Wedding In Saudia Arabia

A groom in Saudia Arabia filed a case for divorce after only two hours of the wedding ceremony because his wife was found to share pictures of the ceremony on Snap chat.


It is done between the groom and the wife that she will not share pictures on social media. upon finding out the pictures of the wedding had been shared on the social media, the groom immediately filed a case for divorce.

Bride’s brother said that there was an agreement between my sister and my brother in law that would not use social media applications. it was included in the marriage contract and became binding. The groom’s decision resulted in a row between both families, with the bride’s family arguing that the agreement was unfair, and the groom’s relatives arguing that he had been perfectly within his rights to file for divorce.

Earlier this year, a Saudi husband divorced his wife hours after their wedding because she was too busy texting her friends to consummate the marriage.

According to a Saudi legal experts, around 50 percent of divorces involved newlyweds.


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