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How Many Times A Couple May Perform Marital Duties In A Week

How many times a couple may perform marital duties in a week to be happy??? Scientists made surprising disclosure in a new research.  It is normally believed that for a...

Main Causes of Female Infertility, Prevention And Its Treatment

Female Infertility can be cause of fallopian tubes damage, which carry the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. Also prevent the egg and sperm contact.  A girl is...

How To Lose Weight With Detox Drink – Easy Recipe

Every wants to look Stylish and glam to carry fashion without doing hard exercises.You can lose weight with detox drink , for this i am sharing a recipe. ...

Kidney Cancer Important Symptoms,Causes And Prevention

Kidney cancer or renal carcinoma usually occurs in old age people and accounts for about 2 to 3% of warps in grown-ups, affecting about twice as many men as women. In...

Summer Drinks – 5 Best Drinks for Summer Recipe

The best source to quench the thirst is the fresh juices of fruits; it not only quenches your thirst but also provides you the energy to work for longer time. You have...

Reduce 10 Kg Weight in Just 18 Days Easy Tips

we here give you easy tip with home remedies.With this you can reduce 10 Kg weight in 18 Days and check out how you can lose weight with no efforts.

10 Healthy Reason To Eat Mango Everyday

Mango also boots the digestive function of the body. It also a rich source of potassium and magnesium, so don’t forget to eat mango

How To Deal With Dehydration During Ramazan

Mostly people face the problem of dehydration during fasting so every Muslim should follow these tips at the time of Iftar and Sahri.

Reduce Weight In just 3 Days With Diet Plan

It seems hard to believe, within a short time, that a diet helps you lose weight, detoxify your body, lower cholesterol and have more energy.

How To Prevent From Heat Stroke In Summer

Heat Stroke is a serious condition may happen if you go out in high temperatures for a long time and this result dehydration and stop sweating.

Easy Tips and Exercises For Reducing Breast Size At Home

Breasts are rightly considered to enhance the beauty of a woman, but sometimes oversize breasts may look ugly and often lead to health issues such as neck pain,...

How To Remove Mosquito Bites Scar (Remedies in Urdu)

If you've had mosquito bites you also may have little dark spots on your face and body. Especially if you have fair or sensitive skin, those little bite marks can take a...