The Art Work Of Wild Animals Is Seen Likely To Be Real Pictures



It is perceived after watching these pictures of wild animals that these pictures are taken through a digital camera. But that is not the reality. this is the art work of an artist “Leon fouche”


Leon himself make all these masterpieces. Leon is a photographer and has interest in wild animals. Leon is not only a photographer but he is also an artist. First he made pictures and then select one of his picture to turn it into an artwork.


The observer of the artwork is so pleased with the painting that he or she does not imagine that this is an artwork.


Leon said that these pictures are my career and i select one of my picture to make a painting. Leon said that he does not take any formal training of painting. He said that his mother had also interested in wild animals so he decided to come in this field.


Leon said that he has more interest in making a painting of a leopard that all others but i put the same effort in all of my paintings.



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