9 Secrets That Men Never Tells Women About Themselves

It is said that a good relationship is the one that is based on trust. Now a days men discloses certain secrets on a social media website reddit. They think that it is better that these secrets should be kept under covered from wives.


Following are the things that most of the men never tells the women about themselves.

  1. We use ornamental towels rather than the ordinary or simple towels.
  2. We remember the important dates not because these are the important ones. But we remember them because there will be a storm outside if we did not remember them.
  3. We are impatient for the confirmation of love.
  4. Apparently we show bravery and stay calm whenever there is a discussion about the expenses of the whole family. But the reality is we are afraid of the fact that we are not taking as much care of the family as they deserve.
  5. When a women most of the time discusses another women in front of us we are more inclined towards that women. And shows non seriousness in front of the women who discussed another women.
  6. We are not washing our bed sheets very frequently.
  7. We are afraid of certain things. But acting like we did not care about them.
  8. When women asks us that what we are thinking about we normally answer that nothing. Besides this nothing the wish of this women to keep quite encloses.
  9. We consider ourselves a child on which there is no blame.

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