5 Ways You Can Eat Mangoes In Summers

Mangoes In Summers are the most delicious fruit of season which is liked by all and you can try it with different ways.


Mangoes is a great restorer of energy during the hot summer days. Mango is only the fruit which has wide range of types or species. There are over 1000 varieties of mangoes. 450 varieties of mangoes in South Asia. Mangoes are grown under the season of summer from April to September.

We must all be enjoying the delicious mango season. Trying different recipes and simply devouring this beautiful fruit, we love this fruit in any form. These are some of the 5 ways Pakistanis like to enjoy the goodness of Mangoes In Summers.

Mangoes In Summers

1. Mango Shake:

Mango shake is the most delicious drink in summer. It can be made with fresh mangoes, milk and ice. Everyone want this shake when coming back home from school, college or work!

2. Mango With Paratha :

mango with paratha recipe

Mango with paratha combo sounds weird but you have to try at least once, its really delicious. Serve it with a chilled glass of sweet lassi.

3. Mango and Milk:

Mango chunks and Milk

Mango chunks dipped in cold milk is the perfect snack during any time of the day.

4.Mango Lassi:

Mango Lassi recipe in urdu

If you bored from ordinary lassi then try Mango lassi, Trust me, you will LOVE it!!

5. Mango and Cream:

the quickest dessert to make Cream, sugar and mangoes

The quickest dessert to make with Cream, sugar and mangoes.


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